Thank you for your professional service over the years , from one Bridgeport cop to a brother cop in New Haven.
Thank you for your individual and focused training over the past few years in basic firearms use,  for my family members and the blue card certification that you helped me with.
again, much thanks

Dear Mr. Appi,

I would like to take this time to let you know that I really enjoyed your class. After, completing the course on April 9, 2022. Throughout the class you made safety a big priority and that really stuck with me. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me. Saturday night I opened the binder and reviewed it. I Found the binder very helpful and can go back to it anytime I made need too. I feel much more confident in what I am doing. I cant wait to practice my skills. 
Warm regards
Francheska Almodovar 

Sir, It’s been about 2 weeks since I took your course and I just wanted to send a thank you note back to you.  I really enjoyed the format or your instruction and the topics you covered.  Being a Marine and being very comfortable around firearms, I tried to put myself in the shoes of someone who has never manipulated, shot or understood firearms before and the things that person needed to know to be a responsible and safe handgun owner.  All of the topics you touched upon, from how a revolver/pistol action works, to the State of Connecticut rules and laws, were exactly what I had come up with as absolutely pertinent topics.

As a person who organizes training for a living, I can say I was impressed to see the level of detail and the genuine concern you had in ensuring each student understood everything you were saying, and what they were doing and why during the safety handling practical application portion of the class.

From one Marine to another, you are doing a fine job and I will recommend your course to anyone interested in applying for a Connecticut Permit.  Thanks Again. 

Semper Fi!

Capt John Alfano


Hi Angelo, 

Andrea, Matthew & I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful time, wisdom, & great instruction you provided - so much more than basic pistol safety.
Thanks again!

Warmest regards,


The class was amazing.  Thank you so much - i really feel like i learned a lot.  Still rereading your book.
Again, thank you for everything


I wanted to thank you again for investing your time and talents with with me. I very much appreciated the level of instruction. It was a pleasure my friend.



     My brother and I just want to thank you for your time yesterday. The class was great and thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge and personal experience with us. 
Thanks again and be safe! 
Best regards,
          Joseph Montuori
          Michael Montuori
Hi Angelo,
First off, thank you for an excellent class last weekend! My father and I learned so much, and we couldn’t have asked for a better instructor!


I wanted to thank you for your excellent instruction yesterday.  I was a little concerned that my boys would have trouble sitting still, but they said they enjoyed it and especially loved your stories. 

You do a really fine job of teaching, stressing the important points, hands on training, and range instruction, Best Regards,


Angelo, thank you for today and making it work. I enjoyed it and you did an outstanding job I will recommend you to anyone looking for a Blue Card. Stay safe.

Best regards,

4/20/20  Angelo 

Thank you so much for having me in class today. I found the class extremely helpful and your knowledge impeccable. Along, with your shooting capability.


April 21st 2020  Angelo

Thanks for a great class on Saturday. 

I really appreciate you spending the extra time at the range to allow Greg and I time to shoot. 



Today I feel as if I just won the lottery, yet today I thanked my lucky stars that I was able to retire from one of the largest Police departments with 580 officers here in Connecticut.

After taking your “security officer blue card course” I was just amazed of the lack of mechanics involved with our training and specific reasons of why, that was lacking from our PD firearms training.
Today, after your course, I asked myself , how did I pull it off without getting killed in the line of duty due to the old antiquated and outdated firearms training that was tought to us.
Your diversified and complex training that you instructed at your Police Department was light years ahead of our training.
Today, you shared many of those techniques and reasons of why in your class. Your teaching today brought clear reason for many situations and issues to light.

I honestly have to say that today, I learned more about the mechanics and reasoning in your 8 hour course than I did by our own firearms instructors over the course of 20 years. (that's sad).  Having said that, the CGS the same criteria to determine deadly force.  Armed, Proximity, Physically able and Intent. 

The smaller targets, the 21 foot Tuller rule and Kentucky windage were also interesting.  I look forward to promoting your professional class to anyone looking for a basic pistol permit or a security officers blue card.  Thank you.



Thanks for taking the time to teach the class yesterday I enjoyed it and feel like I definitely walked away with some good information. 


Hello Angelo.

First I would like to say that it was a pleasure to meet you and an honor to have you as my instructor.It was a bit like having Mark Spitz teaching beginning swim lessons but I wouldn't have changed a thing. It was wonderful to be able to get insights and instruction from someone as accomplished as yourself.

Thank you again for that and for the amazing WWII memorabilia and discussions.
The catalog of American history that you have managed to collect are astounding and profound.

Januaary 6th 2019   Linda and I really enjoyed our time with you today, Angelo; we both felt we were in the hands of super-pro! The gun safety and marksmanship techniques you so patiently helped us to understand and begin to practice will indelibly guide and enrich the sport shooting that we both hope will be the only occasion on which we will ever, ever have recourse to firearms.
December 2, 2018
Hello Mr. Appi,
Wanted to make a few comments on your Carry Permit Course. Though I have revolver experience, your instruction on correct handling of both wheelguns and autoloaders are making me a safer (and more accurate) shooter.

Your observations on obtaining a firm grip were very useful and I surprised myself by firing some
 respectable shot groupings after taking-in the tips you gave us.

I also noticed you have a cheerful view of life tucked-in behind that military demeanor. The course
materials and student Certificates were extremely well produced and visually appealing.  I think
some permit-seekers  will sometimes take the cheapest course they can find.
This is a big mistake. The $10 or $20 bucks saved will be, frequently, at a loss of quality and
experience of the instructor. My first such course was back in the late 1980's and it in no way
compared with the practical details and life experience you offer your students.
Best continued success.    -B.Putney
p.s: the coffee and donuts were a nice touch.

Hi Mr. Appi,

Just wanted to reach out to you and thank you for all the information that you gave to my wife and I.  We walked away with a world of info that was not given to us or to me at my prior classes.  We both enjoyed it and will highly recommend you.

Thanks again

Sergio Salas


Hi Angelo, I wanted to send a note and say thank you for an excellent class yesterday. You greatly exceeded my expectations and I learned far more than I ever expected. I hope everything works out for you so that you can keep teaching and others will be able to benefit from your extensive knowledge.

  Best regards,


April 22nd 2017,

Hey angelo,just wanted to tell you what a tremendous class you gave Saturday on firearms.I took away a lot from the class ,you're knowledge and professionalism is second to none,you brought back memories of some great marine squad leaders and platoon sgts. i had way back when,any few successes i had were only because of those guys.i salute you for that and you're police service and you're interest in school safety says a lot about you.

Good morning, Angelo,

 I just wanted to thank you for providing such an awesome class for my Father and I. It was incredibly informative, and I am very happy that we chose (after being referred to) you. You are incredible! Have a good day.

 Thank you,


 Mr. Appi,

Well what can I say...  what a great day.  First of all I want to thank you and comment you on all of your exemplary service to our country and to our community.
Today's Blue Card class was excellent.  Your knowledge, experience and ability to perform individual situational awareness is superior.  Years of being on the front line have well prepared you to be a teacher, mentor and example of why and how it has to be done correctly.
You style of teaching at the range is exactly what  I needed and how I like to be taught.  Your military precision and no excuses perspective enabled me to focus and drown out the BS that haunts many people when left alone with themselves in there own thoughts.  With more practice and your voice and face in my thoughts I know i will elevate my accuracy and confidence both at the range and in real life situations.
Thank you for a great class.
In the spring  I would like to schedule a private lesson with you, for me, my wife and my son(s).
Best regards
John Mikulak

Hi Angelo, 
I took the pistol permit course in September 2016,
I'm very glad I took your course, I feel much more comfortable with pistols and the info you gave us on aiming and shooting really helps. You are a great teacher and if anyone else I know is looking to take the course I will definitely point them your way. I have a friend who got his permit before me, and he was asking me for tips when we went to the range. 
Ron Doucette
Dear Mr Appi

March 12th 2016
I wanted to take a moment to thank you for today's course on criminal justice for bail enforcement.  The laws and state statues can be complicated yet you explained them thoroughly and completely which made them easy to understand. I look forward in taking the fire arms course with you. 

October 20th 2015
Hello Angelo Appi,
This is Randy, I took your class last Sunday.  I just wanted to email you saying how much I enjoyed your class. I learned so much from you class, and I really respect your enthusiasm for the subject.  I have been in college for 5 years, and you are a better instructor than any professor I have taken in those five years. You really care about your student learning the material.  You tell it how it really is, not sugar coating it. I really like how you tell us and are open with your personal background and hobbies, it makes us, the students, feel very comfortable and make learning very easy.
I really like your hands on approach. Once we got through the difficult textbook topics, learning by seeing really makes one remember.  I really like how you show us then have us do.  You knowledge for firearms and firearm safety is very extensive and it makes learning from you very easy and very safe.  I really learned quite a bit from your class, especially in such a short amount of time with such a difficult topic.
Besides learning a lot and you being such a great instructor.

I have recommended you to many friends and family already.  I had a friend who said he would call to make an appointment, when my girlfriend turns 21 in a few months she will be attending, and I recommend you to anyone else interested in learning more about firearms and firearm safety.  Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.


Dear Mr. Appi

I just wanted to let you know you did an excellent job in teaching the gun safety course and I really enjoyed myself.  I will recommend you in the future.  Thanks again!      Melissa


This is just a note to say thank you.  We all had a wonderful day and thank you for sharing all of your time, patience and experience with us.  You are a wonderful instructor.

What a nice day we had!  You are a wonderful instructor.  We were blessed to have found you.  Your enthusiasm, knowledge and desire is inspiring.        Teri

Dear Mr. Appi
My husband and I would like to thank you very much for the pistol permit class.  We learned a lot and also had a great time.  As an instructor you are knowledgeable, talented and have a great sense of humor. 
 Chris and Mariana

I just want to thank you again for todays class.  I have taken several classes in my few years past and yours is one of the best.  John
Mr. Appi
You provide an excellent presentation, very well organized.  My brother and I really enjoyed the experience.  Having parents who are both educators, I can certainly see the difference between someone who is simply knowledgeable compared to someone who knows how to TEACH.    Jonathan and David

     Dear Mr. Appi
Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and skills with us today.
  You are a wonderful teacher!     Heather and Nanette

Dear Mr. Appi
I wanted to thank you for taking the time to teach me about firearms safety, care and maintenance.  It was a very rewarding class.  I will recommend your class .  Thank you.     Chris

I wanted to thank you for a great class.  Michael, Peter Connor and I really enjoyed ourselves.  We would defintely recommend you as an instructor to anyone interested in firearms safety.     Matt

Thanks again Mr. Appi for a GREAT class.  I learned alot and enjoyed your instruction as well as the facility.  Thanks for your patience and thank you for answering all of my questions.     Charlie

Thanks again for you time and patience.  I was talking with one of my supervisors who is a retired police officer.  I mentioned your name and he said you were his instructor when he was on the force.  He told me I was lucky to have gotten the course from you.     Pete

Just dropping you a line to say I enjoyed your class Saturday.  It was a very informative session and you were a most gracious host and very good teacher. 
 Mis Debbie

Just wanted to say thank you for a great class.  It was a pleasure meeting you and I learned a lot.    Natalie

First of all I want to thank you so much for the great class.  I learned so much from you yesterday.  Thanks again.    Carol

Thank you sir,
I appreciate you taking me on such a short notice last week.  I was able to get my blue card renewed.  I will be sure to contiue to send folks your way in the future.

Angelo, just wanted to thank you again for a great class I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Can't wait to apply for my permit and work on my shooting again.  Thanks - Tyler

Dear Mr. Appi
I was looking through the internet to find the lowest-priced CT Pistol Permit course I could find.  And then I found your site, and while you're not even close to the lowest price, I was moved by what I found.

Before your site begins to talk business, you asked people to pray for the children and teachers who were killed in Newtown.  I'm a teacher in Newtown.  I'd like to take the permit class from a man like you who has values and respect.    Chester

Angelo, I want to thank you for a powerful training course.  It was effective, efficient and engaging.  I would recommend your class to anyone who wants a first class experience.    Rick

Hi Mr. Appi,
 I was one of the students in you BEA class on August 6th.  I was very impressed about how much of a good job you did in teaching the class.  I wish the class was longer I feel that a lot of people could learn from you.        Andrew