Connecticut Pistol Permit Safety Class


I will never sacrifice the quality of training by 
registering large blocks of students

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April 8th Saturday 9am to 5pm
April 15th Saturday 9am to 5pm
April 22nd Saturday 9am to 5pm
*Week day classes also available*
Student Fee $130.00
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When you take my class you will receive expert individual firearms instruction in the use of revolvers and pistols, with an emphasis on individual instruction.

This safety class is not based on lecture or videos. Half of my class is designed to have you participate in the safe handling of pistols and revolvers. I will help you to understand how pistols and revolvers function mechanically, internally as well as externally.

I will provide the instruction and you will participate by performing all of the manual operations for revolvers and pistols.

Twice a National Combat Pistol Champion having achieved the coveted title of "Nationally Distinguished" in two shooting disciplines, I teach the art of marksmanship the way marksmanship should be taught.

As a former law enforcement officer and academy firearms instructor in the city of New Haven awarded the "MEDAL OF MERIT for VALOR" and having survived several potentially deadly force encounters, I can provide you with the insight as to how best to defend yourself against the threat of great bodily harm.

CERTIFICATE OF ELIGIBILITY: Only allows a resident to purchase and transport a handgun to their home, or if you own your own business, to your place of business.

PISTOL PERMIT: Authorizes a resident to purchase and carry a pistol, revolver or long gun anywhere in the State of Connecticut except where the carry of those firearms are restricted by law, or where common sense suggests otherwise.

HAND STRENGTH: Some men and women do not have enough strength in their hands and fingers to correctly function handguns. Please consider this before applying for the class. I cannot certify you if you cannot perform basic functions of revolvers and pistols. Please call or email me if you think this will be a problem.

Upon completion of the course you will receive a personalized lesson plan in a hard binder, a certificate of course completion and a copy of your certificate for your local police department as part of the application process.

You will also receive a free pair of shooting glasses and
and a Deluxe CT Firearms Safety pen.

I will email you a registration form. I must however receive a deposit within five days following the receipt of the email or I cannot guarantee you a position in the class

Complimentary beverages and snacks will be provided
or if you wish you may bring your own.


The application process explained
Rimfire/Center fire Cartridge Identification
Storing Firearms Safely
"Hands-On" training Revolvers & Pistols
Performing all manual operations of pistols "and" revolvers
Cartridge selection for Self-Defense & Practice
Marksmanship instruction Revolvers "and" Pistols
Live fire training Revolvers "and" Pistols, Rimfire & Center-fire
Discussing Statutory Law "Use of Deadly Force"
And a great deal more!

You will receive personalized instruction throughout the entire training program. You will learn how to shoot accurately with rimfire and centerfire revolvers and pistols. Live fire training will be conducted indoors at a local gun club.