Pistol Permit Safety Class
Two Persons Maximum

*I will never jeopardize the quality of instruction
by registering large blocks of students*

Cheap Training Is Seldom Good
So you've decided that the size of the class and the quality of
training are unimportant to you
Consider this then, if you are not properly trained with
PISTOLS and REVOLVERS they can become
Extremely Dangerous!

Quality Training Is Seldom Cheap
Because you truly expect and deserve to receive quality training
 while learning how to safely handle PISTOLS and REVOLVERS


Ask these questions before you register
for a pistol permit class!

1. How long is the class?  Should be eight hours.

2. Is the application process explained, City, Town and State?  It should be.

3. How many in the class? More often than not quality training depreciates as the size of the class increases especially when taking a computer generated "on-line" class.

4. Will I be limited to training with .22 caliber ammo only?  Your instructor should also train you to fire centerfire ammo of the type used for self-defense for example, .380 caliber; .38 Special or 9mm.

The recoil those calibers generate are greater than .22 rifmfire.  You need to experience and be trained with a handgun that uses either of these calibers so you can be taught how to control recoil.

5. What is the instructor's NRA marksmanship rating? The instructor should have an NRA marksmanship rating if they are teaching you handgun marksmanship. Preferably he or she has a Master class rating, if not, then at least an Expert class rating. 

6. Will I be taught and will I perform all of the manual operations with PISTOLS and REVOLVERS?  Or will I be sitting in a large class watching the instructor demonstrate those actions? 

Revolvers function differently than pistols, so to be safe you should be taught to handle both of those handguns safely and proficiently. 

This needs to be repeated, without the proper training firearms become Extremely Dangerous!

7. Why hasn't the instructor listed their credentials on their website?  

 In my class you can expect all of the above

I also provide complimentary beverages such as, coffee, Tea,
Hot chocolate, orange juice, apple juice,
 Poland Spring bottled water,
doughnuts or pastry.

You will also recieve a personalized lesson plan in a hard binder
A personalized diploma 
A copy of your diploma for your local PD
Pistol Permit Application Form DPS 799-C
A free pair of shooting glasses
CT Firearms Safety - Deluxe Ball-Point Pen

For Quality Training
 I only accept two person in my class.

Contact me at:

Click on "Pistol Permit" for information
regarding the pistol permit class.

A few of my marksmanship awards
Above photo appeared in the New Haven Register 1974.
 Displayed are a few of the hundreds of awards I had won
 in Local, Regional, National and International competition.

Instructor Credentials Are Instrumental
In The Quality Of Training


National Individual Combat Pistol Champion 1977-1988
Nationally Distinguished .45 Caliber Pistol
Nationally Distinguished .38 caliber Revolver Police Combat
Excellence in competition Service Rifle
NRA Life Time Police Combat Revolver Master Classification
NRA National Match Pistol - Master Classification

International Meddalist Brisbane, Australia
Silver and Bronze Meddalist

New Haven Police Department - 1966 Recruit Class - Top Gun Award
New England Police Revolver League - Presidents Top Four
New England Police Revolver League - Distinguished Master
North Eastern States Police Combat Revolver - High CT Shooter
Revolver League of CT - 100 Club, 280 Club, 290 Club

Regional Police Combat Pistol Champion
Connecticut-Massachusetts-Rhode Island-New York

Nassau County NY, Regional Combat Pistol Champion
Three matches, three perfect scores, 180 perfect shots

Connecticut Army National Guard
Army Meritorious Service Medal for Excellence
 In the service of our country as an Infantry Squad Leader
and Small Arms & Marksmanship Instructor

Army Commendation Medal for Marksmanship Excellence - 7th Award
CT State Medal of Merit for Marksmanship Excellence 3rd Award
Army Achievement Medal for Marksmanship Excellence
Chief of the Nat'l Guard Bureau "Top Fifty" Marksman
Ten National Team Championship Awards

Training & Education

United States Marine Corps 1960-1964
New Haven Police Department 1965-1991
CT Army Nat'l Guard 1974-1993
New Haven Police Academy - Firearms-Tactical Instructor

New Haven Police "SWAT" Team Instructor
Awarded the "Medal of Merit" for Valor- SWAT OP 5/3/74

NRA Law Enforcement Instructor Development School

FBI Academy Special Weapons & Tactical School - Quantico, VA
Organized & Trained the very First SWAT Team in Connecticut

United States Army Small Arms Instructor School - Fort Hood, TX
CT Army Nat'l Guard - Small Arms Instructor

Assisting Other Organizations
Assisted the CT Municipal Police Academy - Firearms Training
Assisted Yale University Police Department - Firearms Training
Provided SWAT team training for several Connecticut Police Departments
Assisted the Puerto Rican National Guard - Firearms Training
Ponce, Puerto Rico

Providing support for the Inter-College Air Rifle Matches 
Olympic Training Center, Colorado Springs, CO