Connecticut Firearms Safety LLC
"Where Excellence Is Always On Target"

Pray for the children and teachers who's lives were taken at the Sandy Hook School on December 14th 2012.

Cameras and locked doors are passive measures that cannot save lives.

A well trained armed presence can stop any future harm to our school children.
Must we wait for another shooting?

Individual and Private Instruction Available

Angelo Appi

One of the United States
Most Distinguished Marksmen

***Watch me on You tube shooting at and
knocking down steel plates at fifty feet
upside down and backwards***


United States Marine Corps Basic Training
United States Marine Corps Advanced Infantry Training
New Haven Police Department "Honor Graduate"
NRA Police Firearms Instructor School

Special Weapons and Tactical School
FBI Academy Quantico, Virginia

U.S.Army Small Arms Instructor School Fort Hood, Texas
CT Army Nat'l Guard Military Academy NCO School

CT Army Nat'l Guard Military Academy Combat Arms
"Distinguished Graduate"

Small Arms Instructor State Area Command
Connecticut Army National Guard


Former US Army Small Arms Instructor

Former New Haven Police Firearms Instructor
Tactical-Chemical Agents Instructor
SWAT Team Instructor

State Certified Pistol Permit Instructor
State Certified Security Officer Instructor
State Certified Bail Enforcement Agent Instructor


Three Time National Combat Pistol Champion

United States International Team Australia 1992
Silver & Bronze Medallist

Winner of Regional Championships in FIVE states

Nassau County Police Combat Revolver Champion
Three perfect scores - 180 perfect shots

Ten National Team Championship Titles

{Nationally Distinguished .45 Service Pistol}
{Nationally Distinguished Police Revolver}
{Excellence In Competition Service Rifle}
{The only firearms instructor in Connecticut}
{With these combined National Distinctions}

New England Police Revolver League
"Distinguished Master"

New England Police Revolver League
"Presidents Top Four"

Four Time Pistol Champion
Revolver League Of Connecticut

Coach/Captain New Haven Police Pistol Team
Coach/Captain Connecticut Army Nat'l Guard Pistol Team

US Army Meritorious Service Medal "For Excellence"
Infantry Squad Leader and Small Arms Instructor

Army Commendation Medal 7th Award
"For Marksmanship Excellence"

Army Achievement Medal For Marksmanship Excellence

Connecticut Medal Of Merit 3rd Award
"For Marksmanship Excellence"

New Haven Police Medal Of Merit "For Valor"
Hostage Rescue May 3rd 1974

New Haven Police 31 Certificates & Letters Of Commendation For Exceptional Police Service

Designed-Patent Applied 1985...FIRST EVER "Tactical Handgun Light" as demonstrated in the photo above, now in use by law enforcement and our armed forces.